PhotoBlock Ornaments

60% off Ornaments


Create custom wooden ornaments with our unique PhotoBlock Ornaments.  Each ornament has one side for a photo and another side for a holiday message.  For the PhotoBlock Ornaments only, the remaining four sides will be printed with a holiday pattern you select from our library.  Each Ornament is then finished with a ribbon or twine hanging option of your choice.


  • 1 PhotoBlock Ornament……$26
  • 2 PhotoBlock Ornament….$52
  • 3 PhotoBlock Ornament….$78
  • 4 PhotoBlock Ornament….$104
  • 5 PhotoBlock Ornament….$130



Choose from 13 different holiday themed pattern sets that will be printed on 4 sides of the ornament(s).

Holiday Greetings:

  • Merry Christmas
  • Happy Holidays
  • Baby’s 1st Christmas
  • Christmas 2011
  • Christmas 2012
  • Christmas 2013
  • Christmas 2014

Hanging options:

  • Twine
  • Red Sheer Ribbon
  • Silver Sheer Ribbon
  • Green Sheer Ribbon
  • Ivory Sheer Ribbon

Design beautiful wooden ornaments: PhotoBlock Ornaments.

For PhotoBlock Ornaments, choose one photo, one holiday greeting and one pattern set for each ornament.

Hang your PhotoBlock Ornament with either ribbon or twine.  The ribbon hanging option comes with four different color choices:  red sheer, silver sheer, green sheer, and ivory sheer.