Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the voucher / coupon I purchased?

Most deal sites will send you your coupon code via email. After selecting your products and proceeding to checkout you will enter the code exactly as it was sent to you in the Discount Codes box at the shopping cart section of the checkout process. The coupon value will then be applied. Please be sure you are using the voucher number and not your coupon order number though, because only the voucher will work for your discount.

Where do I put my coupon code?

In the Shopping Cart section of the checkout process there will be a section titled Discount Code, with the words “Enter your coupon code if you have one.” You need to type (or copy/paste) your code into the box just below those words.

Can I use more than one discount on an order?

No, only one coupon code, discount, promotion, voucher, or gift card is allowed per order.

Can I use two Gift Cards together?

No. Because we allow gift cards to be purchased with coupon codes or promotions we do not allow multiple gift cards to be used on the same order.

Can you make changes to my order or photos after I have submitted my order?

No. Unfortunately, once an order is submitted it is final and cannot be edited.

I am trying to upload my photos, but it is not working (i.e. there is no upload button, when I attempt to upload the photos it just spins, ect). What do I do?

Some users have experienced problems placing an order while using Internet Explorer (especially older versions of IE) and Safari these are known issues and our website development team is working to resolve them. If you are having trouble placing an order we recommend using Google Chrome, or Firefox to complete your order. If you continue to experience problems please contact a customer service representative for assistance.

Why does it say my photos are too small?

The minimum file size for each photo is based on the pixel size of the image rather than the size of the file itself. The minimum pixel sizes are:

2×2 product – 151×151 pixels
4×4 product – 351×351 pixels
3×4 product – 254×351 pixels
3×5 product – 254×369 pixels
4×6 product – 351×441 pixels
5×5 product – 369×369 pixels
6×6 product – 441×441 pixels
5×7 product – 369×513 pixels
6×9 product – 441×648 pixels
6×8 product – 441×585 pixels
8×8 product – 585×585 pixels
7×10 product – 513×729 pixels
8×10 product – 585×729 pixels
8×12 product – 585×873 pixels
5×14 product – 369×1035 pixels
8×12 product – 585×873 pixels
10×10 product – 729×729 pixels
10×14 product – 729×1035 pixels
11×11 product – 801×801 pixels
12×12 product – 873×873 pixels
11×14 product – 801×1035 pixels
13×17 product – 951×1243 pixels
12×18 product – 873×1305 pixels
8×24 product – 585×1737 pixels
12×24 product – 873×1737 pixels
14×14 product – 1035×1035 pixels
14×20 product – 1035×1449 pixels
16×10 product – 1161×729 pixels
16×16 product – 1161×1161 pixels
16×20 product – 1161×1449 pixels
16×24 product – 1161×1737 pixels
16×48 product – 1161×3456 pixels
20×20 product – 1449×1449 pixels
12×36 product – 873×2592 pixels
21×21 product – 1548×1548 pixels
20×24 product – 1449×1737 pixels
21×30 product – 1548×2169 pixels
20×30 product – 1449×2169 pixels
24×24 product – 1737×1737 pixels
24×30 product – 1737×2169 pixels
24×36 product – 1737×2601 pixels
32×32 product – 2304×2304 pixels
30×40 product – 2169×2889 pixels
40×60 product – 2889×4329 pixels
Magnets – 243×243 pixels
Ornaments – 261×261 pixels

How do I check the pixel size of my photos?

Right click on the file of the picture, select “Properties” then select the Details tab. Scroll down until you see the image section with the dimensions (width and height) listed, it should show the pixel sizes of your image.

Can I use physical images, as opposed to digital images, and mail them to you?

No. We used to be able to accept physical pictures and scan them for printing, however due to our new processes and equipment we are no longer able to offer that service. However, most normal photo printing service stations do offer a scanning service that can be used, allowing you to have a digital version of your pictures for uploading.

How long does it take to produce an order?

Our typical processing time is 5-7 business days. This processing time is subject to change depending on order volume. While we do employ the most technology and automation into our processes that we can, each piece is still a custom product requiring many steps in the production process.

Do you offer Rush Processing?

Rush processing is not currently offered due to high order volume.

Normally, rush processing is available during the checkout process and speeds up the production of an order only (rush processing does not upgrade or expedite the shipping service).  Rush orders will ship within 3 business days. *Rush orders placed after 3pm EST will begin processing the next business day.

What Shipping services do you offer?

Standard shipping rates of $9.99 apply for orders shipped within the continental United States. Orders to Hawaii, Alaska, any non continental U.S. territory, and Canada ship through FedEx and the rate varies by location and product ordered. We apologize that we are only able to ship internationally to Canada at this time.  When your order is complete, you will receive an email with your tracking number. Standard domestic shipping is done through FedEx Smart Post (7-14 day shipping service). We also offer FedEx Home/Ground (4-7 day), FedEx Express Saver (3-day) FedEx 2-Day, and FedEx Overnight shipping services as upgrade options for shipping.

What is the status of my order? or How do I check the Status of my order?

You can check the status of an order by logging into your customer account using the login, or my account buttons on the top right portion of the homepage. Currently your order will say “ready for processing” until it ships, when it will change to “complete”. We are working to include additional order statuses that will allow you to more closely track your order through the production process.

Which pictures look best on wood?

Generally speaking, the better the picture is to begin with, the better it will look when printed. Higher quality images look better when printed because our printer is so precise that it is comparable to a high definition television over standard definition. Also, our wood prints do not use the color white, so anywhere in the image that is lighter in color will show the wood more through the picture.  Darker and more colorful images like landscapes tend to show less wood grain through the images, whereas lighter colored images like portraits and close-ups tend to adopt more of the toning and grain of the wood.

Are you environmentally friendly?

We try to be responsible stewards of the earth by using products and processes that are friendly to the environment throughout the manufacturing and production process. We use wood from sources that are replenishable and prefer vendors and suppliers that show the same devotion to the environment that we do.

Will my image fade?

Our prints are more durable and lasting than typical canvases. We use UV inks that are resistent to fading as well as special UV coatings before and after printing to further protect and enhance your images.

What do the edges look like?

We are the only wood printing company that has a finished edge. Most of the wood printing companies use a 3/4″ plywood as the substrate for a good wood print. Other companies that print on plywood leave the edges exposed where you can see the lines of the layers of wood. They often try to router or angle the edges to hide the edges giving it a ‘standout’ look. Our edges are finished with no plywood showing, giving the print a professional, solid wood look.  Because we finish our edges, you also have more options for the finished look. The standard option is a natural wood look, but you also have the choice between dark walnut (brown) or ebony (black) edges.

What is your process?

In addition to using a UV ink, we pre-coat each board with a sealant that protects the wood and keeps the ink from absorbing into the wood and dispersing. This pre-coat provides a more “high definition” look for the image. We then print your image using the industries best equipment. After printing we apply a post-coat of an additional UV resistant sealer that provides additional resistance to UV light, scratching, and moisture. As far as we know, we are the only wood printer in the industry that applies either a pre or post coat to their product.

What kind of wood do you use?

We use a mixture of Maple plywood (from the U.S.) Canadian Maple and Russian Birch plywood. Our wood buyers sort through thousands of sheets of plywood each month to ensure the wood we print on is the highest quality in both construction and appearance. Not only do we like the look of the maple, but it also supports tree farms and companies here in North America.