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Unique Personalized Photo Gifts

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Unique Photo Gifts, Personalized Photo Gifts, and Custom Photo GiftsPhoto Gift Ideas

If you are looking for unique, personalized, and custom photo gifts, PhotoBarn is definitely the place to look. Unique photo gifts are our specialty and are a guaranteed way to show those you love that you were thinking specifically about them. PhotoBarn’s custom photo gifts are also perfect for those who value art and home décor, especially when combined with that tailor-made touch.

There is nothing generic about a personalized photo gift from PhotoBarn – that’s not possible because we combine our expert wood and metal printing processes with your photos and design input to create a one-of-a-kind product. We offer a variety of unique photo gifts that are unmatched anywhere else and that have the potential to be as personalized and customized as the individual you are looking to give to.
Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for newlyweds, parents, children, friends, coworkers, or neighbors, and no matter what the occasion, PhotoBarn can help you create a personalized photo gift that will be cherished and displayed for years to come. Our custom photo gifts are available with the following products:

Photoblock Gift IdeasUnique Photo Gifts On Wood

PhotoBlocks are one of our most popular products and make creative, multi-dimensional custom photo gifts. At PhotoBarn, we print your photos directly onto our 2x2 blocks, which you can purchase in sets of 5 or 10. Our website provides you with options for your PhotoBlocks, including combinations of letters, tones, and patterns to accompany your personalized photo gift. When designing your PhotoBlocks, you can choose to put 2 of your own photos on each block, or you may prefer to put 1 photo and 1 letter per block.

You may wish to spell out a particular word or name, up to 5 or 10 letters, depending on which set of blocks you purchase, that would make your unique photo gift even more personalized. The photos and letters will appear on opposite sides of the block, and the pattern set you select will be printed on the remaining sides. PhotoBlocks are a perfect, custom photo gift: for any occasion or any special person, they show the personal touch of a creative, thoughtful giver.

CUnique Christmas ornamentshristmas Ornaments make beautiful and long-lasting personalized photo gifts. PhotoBarn’s Christmas Ornaments are made using the same process as our traditional PhotoBlocks, but come with holiday-themed pattern options and are hung with red, green, or silver sheer ribbon. Not only do these make thoughtful, unique photo gifts for the holidays, they are also durable and child-friendly: the perfect custom photo gift for those with little ones. No more breakable, glass ornaments! PhotoBarn’s Christmas Ornaments are an obvious choice when looking for a personalized holiday gift. Give these to your spouse, your children, your parents, or other loved ones as personalized photo gifts that double as memory keepers as well as unique décor for the Christmas tree.

Photoboard gift ideasPhotoBoards were PhotoBarn’s first product, and they continue to be one of our best sellers. They are a top choice for custom photo gifts. We have perfected the process of stylizing your photos and printing them on wood to create classy and distinctive pieces of art. Combine your photo and your artistic vision with our expertise with wood printing to make the perfect, personalized photo gift for any occasion. PhotoBoards are entirely customizable, including the size, image toning, image effects, wood finish, and hanging option.

Each PhotoBoard is ¾” thick and can easily be displayed on an easel, a shelf, or a table, or can be securely hung on a wall. The versatility of PhotoBoards makes them ideal, unique photo gifts for any recipient. There is no photograph that wouldn’t look stylish, original, and entirely customized on a PhotoBoard. Personalized photo gifts say a lot to the recipient. PhotoBoards not only communicate your thoughtfulness and care with the project, but also give the recipient a custom photo gift that can be artfully displayed for years to come.

photoboard collectionsPhotoBoard Collections allow you to create a custom photo gift as a set of 3 PhotoBoards instead of just 1. Give a unique photo gift of a set of 5x7, 7x7, 10x10, or 12x12 PhotoBoards with your special, beautiful, memorable, or artistic images, personally designed by you and expertly crafted by PhotoBarn. PhotoBoard Collections provide you with the ability to personalize your photo display by selecting the image toning, image effects, wood finish, and hanging option.

For a unique photo gift, try giving a PhotoBoard Collection that can serve two special purposes: a reminder of great memories and love shared, and a personalized set of artwork perfect for putting on display. Family photos, special events, beautiful places… The options are endless for a customized PhotoBoard Collection.

collageboardsCollageBoards are our most recently released wood product and are especially tailored to meet your personalized photo gift needs. If you have multiple photos you are wanting to include in your personalized photo gift, but don’t want them displayed on more than one piece of wood, CollageBoards are the way to go. CollageBoards allow you to place 3, 4, 9, or 14 images into 1 of 4 templates for a custom photo gift that is clean, creative, and classy. Available sizes are 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, and 32x32. One unique feature of CollageBoards is the frame around the images, which is the wood itself

Metal canvas photo giftMetal Canvases are PhotoBarn’s newest line of products and provide our customers with yet another great option for personalized photo gifts. Printing on metal is a process we have researched and perfected, and our work has resulted in these especially customized Metal Canvases, perfect for that unique photo gift. Once we have printed your picture directly onto the aluminum, we form that piece of metal into a box, which gives your custom photo gift both thickness and dimension. Metal Canvases come with either a ¾” side or a 1 ½” side and can be artfully displayed in a variety of locations. Watch for more metal printing products to be released soon to provide you with even more unique photo gift ideas.

Metal Canvas Collections allow you to create a custom photo gift as a set of 3 Metal Canvases instead of just 1. Give a unique photo gift as a set of 10x10, 14x14, or 20x20 Metal Canvases. Customize this photo gift by selecting either a ¾” side or a 1 ½” side and personalize it by using your own photos. Metal Canvas Collections make a great, personalized photo gift with great potential for displays in interesting places. Watch for Metal Canvas Collections to be available soon for your custom photo gifts.

Unique gift cardGift Cards

Are you looking to give especially personalized, customized, and unique photo gifts, but aren’t sure which of PhotoBarn’s products to select? Consider giving a PhotoBarn gift card and let the recipient select the product and customize it him or herself. PhotoBarn gift cards are available in amounts from $50 to $200.

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